The Valley of Segrid

Game Seven - February 12, 2012

After defeating Polla and investigating the dungeon, the energies in the elemental pool show the story of a village by a lake that is being overrun by ghost like spider beings and the people there are in danger.

Game Six - January 28, 2012

As the party in the streets of Segrid begins to die down, the reclusive Aeon Grimm approaches with his plight. He believes the cause of the evil the last few days is because of the workings of a former student of his. He pleads for help and asks that she be brought back to the school if she can give up her ways – if not, he begrudgingly asks you to end it.

Game Five - January 15, 2012

After resurrecting your fallen ally, Lieutenant Davis warns you, “More creatures could be coming!” The plague energy can be felt escaping into Segrid from the cavern that has opened up in the marketplace and now, the people stay in their homes with fear.

Game Four - January 1, 2012

Lieutenant Davis Pratt approaches the adventurer’s and explains that there have been murder’s occurring around town for the last few days. He asks them to investigate, the guard are trying to keep it under wraps and don’t want to alarm the townspeople.

Game Three - December 18, 2011
The buzz is flowing...

After saving the nearby farming village, your group has begun to create a buzz in Segrid. One of the local upper middle class citizens, Valmour Tessount, approaches you with a job. He asks you to travel to the mines he inherited outside of town – his miners have gone missing and he will pay you handsomely to locate them and clear out the problem, if there is any.

Game Two - December 4, 2011

After hearing the screams of the townspeople running into Segrid from the neighboring farming village, you find the wife of the town cook in shock. She tells you that there are mutated rats attacking the people and her husband is still there – she begs you to save him.

Game One - November 19, 2011
The Adventure Begins...

Gunner Ragnarock, the towns Blacksmith has heard of your heroic work after saving Jonas Weaver from the thieves that attacked his shop. He approaches you to find a shipment he was expecting that is late and asks that you keep it from his brother, Albion who wasn’t too happy about getting the shipment at all. He offers you a reward in exchange for returning the shipment from the people he believes to have stolen it – the Kellerman Brothers, a duo who have fallen from grace after their late father’s death.


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